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Two Issues Are Looming Large for Hedge Funds

About six months from today, the European Union is scheduled to implement MiFID II, imposing a punishing regulatory burden on any firm engaged with the European markets. This ironic turn of events, given the current administration’s efforts to turn back the tide of... read more

Is the Hedge Fund Industry in a Battle for Its Life?

According to this article in the New York Post, “hedge funds are dancing with the devil”, but the persona of that devil is something of a mystery. Is that devil a hostile press or disgruntled investors? Is it the SEC and other lawyers cruising for a payday or is it... read more

Can Hedge Funds Make Greater Inroads with Wealth Advisers?

Hedge fund firms, while no strangers to the community of Investment Advisers and Wealth Managers, may not be attracting their fair share of $150 billion in net flows to alternatives anticipated from independent advisers. According to a white paper, based upon a survey... read more
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