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Can Your Hedge Fund’s Website Benefit from Video Content?

Statistically speaking, the use of video content has the potential to increase website traffic by as much as 41 percent, this according to an Aberdeen Group study cited by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). More to the point, the CMI article suggests that video... read more

The Agony of Choosing a Hedge Fund

Choosing a hedge fund in which to invest is a daunting task. Most understand the concept that past performance is not a guarantee of future success…a truly disheartening disclaimer! For many, funds of funds have grown to be a popular means of avoiding an actual... read more

The Globalization of the Long Arm of the Law

Even as the Trump Administration eases regulatory burden across all sectors of the national economy, our friends across the pond are laboring to fill the vacuum. Beginning May 25, 2018, all organizations, including hedge funds, must conform their data practices to... read more
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