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Overcoming the Marketing Challenges of Emerging Funds

Frequently, hedge fund managers will opine that the essence of marketing comes down to three things…pedigree, process, and performance. A fair number of these hedge fund managers are marketing their fund almost exclusively to high net worth investors, and this is... read more

Is Your Hedge Fund Ignoring Half of Its Business?

Founders of new hedge funds often start with their own money, the money of relatives, the money of friends or some combination of the three. The fledgling money manager’s immediate, if not only concern, is investing those funds to make gains for himself, his... read more

Here Are the Top Three Ways to Raise Hedge Fund Capital

Hedge funds enjoyed another month of positive gains in August, with HFR reporting aggregate gains of 0.67 percent, resulting in year-to-date gains of 2 percent, well below the yield on a 2 year U.S. Treasury Note. Given such anemic returns, how can hedge funds meet... read more
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