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Answers to Marketing Questions for the Emerging Manager

Most emerging managers have questions about marketing. After all, it isn’t a subject one would expect to be in their wheelhouse. In the following paragraphs, the answers to 5 basic marketing questions, whose answers all emerging managers should know, will be asked and... read more

Should Hedge Funds Use Big Data to Hunt Investors?

Technology has transformed capital markets and continues to do so. Hedge funds, in many instances, were slow to adopt, and adapt to these technological leaps, while others were at the tip of the spear, quant funds are but one example. However, investor relations... read more

There Is a Reason They Call It Show and Tell

Almost everyone educated in U.S. public schools is familiar with show and tell, and the practice is demonstrative of an important marketing concept, one that is effective in countering an intrinsic aspect of human nature…skepticism. Each of us has had the... read more
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