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Why Aren’t Hedge Funds Performing Better?

For the past few years we have listened to many in the hedge fund industry bemoan the difficulties of achieving gains in a bull market. Others argued that the lack of volatility was a significant obstacle to traditional hedge fund strategies. While no official end to... read more

Hedge Funds Must Factor in the Trump Factor

Just past the midpoint of 2018, hedge funds remain in positive territory. The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index reports hedge funds up 0.29% at mid-June, a figure that will likely remain positive through the remaining days in June. While returns through the first one-half... read more

Can Your Hedge Fund’s Website Benefit from Video Content?

Statistically speaking, the use of video content has the potential to increase website traffic by as much as 41 percent, this according to an Aberdeen Group study cited by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). More to the point, the CMI article suggests that video... read more
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