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Millions in Defense but Not One Penny for Tribute

The hedge fund industry receives a tremendous amount of negative coverage in the mainstream media. This is further exacerbated by political candidates, on both sides of the aisle, who have characterized the federal tax paid by hedge fund professionals to be lower than... read more

Hedge Funds Stumble after Six Years of Steady Growth

Anyone scanning the financial headlines might reasonably conclude that the hedge fund industry is hemorrhaging assets like a gut-shot hemophiliac. While true that net asset flows are in the negative for the first time in the years following the financial crisis, these... read more

Can Time Heal the Hedge Fund Industry’s Wounds?

History is replete with examples of politicians, nations, industries, athletes and professionals of all stripes who have shot themselves in the foot. Gary Johnson, the current Libertarian presidential candidate, is a recent example from the political camp. The hedge... read more
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