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Why Exorbitant Hedge Fund Fees are a Media Myth

Most readers have, no doubt, read or heard Warren Buffet’s tirades against hedge fund fees and the wisdom of investing in index funds, regardless of whether the investment is large or small. Interestingly, the “oracle of Omaha” does not follow his own advice, as... read more

Are Hedge Funds an Inherently Unsustainable Enterprise?

Financial institutions such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase were founded generations ago. Alternatively, how many hedge funds can be named that have outlived their founders? Of course, the reason is obvious; hedge funds are a product of their... read more

Redemption Stress and How to Avoid It

The stresses faced by a hedge fund manager are many and varied. Beset by burdensome regulations, market uncertainties, geopolitical turmoil, and FOMC interest rate announcements, even the strongest among us would typically bow under the pressure. Though these... read more
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