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Where Hedge Funds Have Been and Where They Are Going

The ancient Roman deity, Janus, is depicted as having two faces, one looking forward and one looking back. The Romans believed he presided over beginnings and transitions and many scholars suggest the month of January was named in his honor. As the hedge fund industry... read more

Is Steven Cohen on a Path to Be the Comeback Kid?

January 8, 2018 marked the end of Steven Cohen’s ban from handling outside money. As most will recall, after almost a decade of investigation, his firm, SAC Capital Management, was found guilty of insider trading and a fine of $1.8 billion was extracted by the... read more

Trump Can’t Always Get What He Wants

It’s true – Trump can’t always get what he wants. However, if you look closely, you just might find, he gets what he needs. While carried interest did survive, technically speaking, a deeper dive into the particulars reveals a significant change that... read more
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