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Hedge Funds on Track to Their Four-Year Best

According to Prequin, hedge fund gains stand at 1.15 percent in October, bringing year-to-date gains to 9.30 percent. Most in the media attribute this success to the seemingly unstoppable bull market. However, it is unwise to paint the industry’s success this year... read more

What Hedge Funds Need to Know About Jerome Powell

In the 103-year history of the Federal Reserve Bank, there have been fifteen Federal Reserve Chairs. Of these fifteen, nine were appointed by Democrat Presidents, and six by Republican Presidents. Eighteen presidents served during the same period. However, Kennedy... read more

Why Exorbitant Hedge Fund Fees are a Media Myth

Most readers have, no doubt, read or heard Warren Buffet’s tirades against hedge fund fees and the wisdom of investing in index funds, regardless of whether the investment is large or small. Interestingly, the “oracle of Omaha” does not follow his own advice, as... read more
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