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The New Year May Breathe New Life into Hedge Funds

Hedge funds, taken together, suffered another bad year in 2016. How bad is still being sorted out and no firm details will be forthcoming here, at least for the time being. Anyone with a basic understanding of the industry knows that gains are difficult to attain in a... read more

Have Hedge Funds Baked-in a Potential Fed Rate Increase?

If the pundits are correct, the markets have baked in the potential impact of a Federal Funds rate increase. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet December 13 and 14, after which its decision with respect to a rate hike will be unveiled. In this... read more

Is R2-D2 Destined to Be the Next Hedge Fund Titan?

While Star Wars and hedge funds are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and robot investors have experienced no small amount of play in the financial media. In the broader media, headlines tout the proximity of automated... read more
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