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Teachers Poised to School Hedge Funds

A number of high profile investors have opted out of hedge investment in the first half of 2016. Examples include AIG, MetLife and NYCERS, citing poor performance as the foremost factor, but also expressing concerns with regard to management and performance fees.... read more

Can Hedge Funds Meet Their Greatest Marketing Challenge?

Declining assets under management, high profile redemptions, demonizing by  major party candidates, and embarrassing headlines that result from the criminal actions of a few bad apples, culminate in what can only be described as a marketing nightmare for the hedge... read more

Hedge Fund CRM as the Manager’s Secret Weapon

When a hedge fund customer relationship management (CRM) solution is implemented, it becomes the first repository of data and information related to leads, prospecting and marketing. This makes the hedge fund CRM application the ideal driver for improving the... read more
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