Two Hedge Fund Strategies Picking Up the Slack

January 23, 2012

There are a few bright spots as hedge fund managers come off a dismal year for hedge fund performance. Two hedge fund strategies are showing the biggest inflow from investors looking to cash in on volatility. Discretionary and systematic macro funds, which actively trade across all asset classes, showed a net inflow of $7.9 billion [...]

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Headwinds Faced by Hedge Fund Marketers

January 16, 2012

Not only did several high-profile hedge fund managers such as John Paulson have a tough year in 2011, it now appears that performance data for the entire industry is being called into question. Research indicates that the aggregate data used by hedge funds to justify their performance edge has been systematically inflated or manipulated, writes [...]

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Could 2012 Be a Better Year for Hedge Fund Startups?

January 9, 2012

During the financial crisis, investors flocked to the safe haven of big, well-established hedge funds. But the lackluster returns of some of these funds may have tempered the notion that bigger is better. Smaller funds and hedge fund start-ups offer a healthy premium to investors brave enough to take the leap, says Jeroen Tielman, CEO [...]

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Hedge Fund Marketing Year in Review

January 2, 2012

It’s no secret that 2011 was a disappointing year for the hedge fund industry in terms of overall performance. Despite that, investor interest in alternative investments remains strong and the industry is not seeing the spike in redemptions that accompanied the 2008 crisis. Among the developments we covered in 2011, we watched as funds adjusted [...]

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Hedge Fund Marketers Have Less to Fear in 2012

December 26, 2011

Although there are storm clouds on the horizon, including the Eurozone crisis, volatile markets, and a hangover from mediocre performance in 2011, hedge funds may have less to fear in 2012 says Donald A. Steinbrugge in a guest article for Opalesque. Steinbrugge is Managing Partner of Agecroft Partners, a global consulting and third party marketing [...]

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Could Bridgewater Be Marketing to Family Wealth?

December 19, 2011

Could Ray Dalio’s Westport-based Bridgewater Associates be going after family wealth with his new All Weather Portfolio III fund? That’s the question raised in a Connecticut Post article recently. It’s a result of Bridgewater listing a bargain buy-in price of $100,000 in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing this past week. Some industry insiders [...]

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Are Hedge Fund Managers Born or Made?

December 15, 2011

Nature versus nurture? The argument is as old as Sigmund Freud’s first couch and might never be resolved. Still, the question remains for every field of endeavor, hedge fund management included: Do you need to be born with something special to do this well, or can anyone be trained to do this? A recent blog [...]

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Specialist Funds Prosper Through Economic Storms

December 12, 2011

Fundweb in the UK recently profiled Smith & Williamson, a firm that has so far weathered the beating that many other funds have suffered by focusing on two market niches where investor interest is still keen. Smith & Williamson has roughly £11.5 billion (US$ 17.9 billion) of funds under management at October 31, 2011. The [...]

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Why List with Hedge Fund Databases?

December 7, 2011

An earlier article on this site explained how you can use databases for marketing your hedge fund to investors who might be interested in your investment strategy. But capital introduction is a two-way street, so it’s just as important that you make it easy for investors to find you. There are two kinds of hedge [...]

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Goldman Seeding Hedge Fund Startups

December 5, 2011

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is turning to the less risky business of providing capital for those who want to start their own hedge funds, reports the Wall Street Journal. Goldman has raised roughly $600 million from pension funds, wealthy families and large institutions to invest in 10 new hedge funds. Each hedge fund startup is [...]

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