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Hedge Fund Rankings

Hedge Funds in 2013 – The Year in Review

January 7, 2014

The year gone by: One of record-breaking index growth, an explosion in the growth of the number of alternative investment firms, strategies that stretched the bounds of human imagination, and the establishment of long-delayed and much-scrutinized regulations. Whether it was a good year or a bad one for the hedge fund industry is a matter [...]

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Hedge Fund Rankings – Global Trend Hedge Funds

October 12, 2010

The Second Coming of George Soros? Global macro hedge funds are back. The strategy, by which funds take positions based on the big-animal-pictures view of global economics rather than firm- or sector-specific factors, made George Soros an incredibly rich man 18 years ago when he used it to suck GBP 1 billion out of the [...]

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Hedge Fund Rankings – Convertible Arbitrage Funds

September 14, 2010

Gordon Gecko was right about greed: It is good. Or at least it makes for a Wall Street movie sequel. Anxiety, on the other hand, is just boring. When investors are no longer feeling greedy but haven’t yet slipped into panic, things get tedious. The good news about this month’s emerging funds ranking is that [...]

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