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Drumming Up Business With a Different Drummer

March 18, 2014

Counting the number of hedge funds in the world is like trying to follow the Major League pitching career of Octavio Dotel. It’s incredibly complicated and subject to sudden change. The former Met-Astro-A-Yank-Royal-Brave-Northsider-Buc-Dodger-Rockie-Jay-Card-Tiger free agent might be running out of teams, though, but the tally of hedge funds just keeps growing. At Hedge Fund Research’s last [...]

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Perfect Pitch – How Not to Be Tone-Deaf to Investors

February 4, 2014

If you’re managing a hedge fund, it goes without saying that you’re off-the-scale smart when it comes to the math underlying investment analysis. You probably have a model that can pick winners, winnow out the losers and provide a return on capital that’s the envy of all your peers. What you need to understand is [...]

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Hedge Funds Marketing Effectively to Institutions

February 6, 2012

Despite a dismal year for performance and continued attacks on hedge funds in the media, the industry stills seems to be doing a good job at marketing and attracting money from big institutional investors. First, there’s a survey from hedge fund service provider SEI that shows 38% of institutional investors plan to invest more money [...]

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Headwinds Faced by Hedge Fund Marketers

January 16, 2012

Not only did several high-profile hedge fund managers such as John Paulson have a tough year in 2011, it now appears that performance data for the entire industry is being called into question. Research indicates that the aggregate data used by hedge funds to justify their performance edge has been systematically inflated or manipulated, writes [...]

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Hedge Fund Directories – Interview with Jerry Chrisphonte – Part One

August 3, 2010

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry Chrisphonte, CEO of Hedge, to talk about the hedge fund marketing and hedge fund directories.  He provides some solid insight for investment marketers. Here is an excerpt from part one of that interview. HFMA:  Before we start talking about the industry, maybe you could just give [...]

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