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Hedge Fund Marketing for Small Funds

November 9, 2010

Here is an interview with Alex Bentley, a partner at Coronado Investments, LLC, a third party marketer. He shares his thoughts on the importance of third party marketing and provides some hedge fund marketing insights for smaller firms. HFMA: It’s a tough time for raising funds, especially for new funds and smaller funds.  What steps [...]

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Keep Your Hedge Fund Pitch Book Simple

November 2, 2010

When it comes to fund raising, one key piece of the process is the hedge fund pitch book. While some have questioned the need for such a document, it doesn’t change the fact that majority of hedge fund investors expect to see a formal presentation. The value of a hedge fund pitch book is not [...]

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Changes in Third Party Marketing – Chip Perkins Interview

September 23, 2010

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Chip Perkins, Founder of Perkins Fund Marketing, a third party marketing services firm. He provided some perspective on how third party marketers are adding value in an industry that has changed significantly in the past couple years. HFMA: Third party marketers have been described as independent sales [...]

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Flying Kites in a Storm – The Value of Hedge Fund Standards

August 24, 2010

In a time of increased redemptions and closures, the hedge fund industry is facing difficult challenges. How to retain and raise assets has become a widespread concern on both sides of the Atlantic. Hedge fund standards are an important element in this conversation. In the face of this commercial challenge lies the reality of imminent [...]

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Hedge Fund Marketing Best Practices – Interview with Jerry Chrisphonte – Part Two

August 10, 2010

Here is part two or our interview with Jerry Chrisphonte, CEO of, describing best practices in hedge fund marketing. HFMA: Let’s say you are a service provider marketing to hedge funds and looking for a hedge fund database, what are some of the best practices for using a database in that marketing effort? Chrisphonte: [...]

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Hedge Fund Interview with Laurent Favre

July 12, 2010

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Laurent Favre, CEO of Alternative Soft, a quantitative hedge fund software solution for portfolio construction, funds selection and tactical asset allocation using hedge fund strategies. In the interview we cover changes in the hedge fund industry, the outlook for the next few years, and evaluating hedge fund [...]

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Sovereign Wealth Funds Investing in Hedge Funds

June 1, 2010

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) have continued to grow in size and status over the past year, and estimates are they represent $3.59 trillion in total assets under management (an 11% increase from 2009). Asia and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are home to the largest number of SWFs, representing 57% of all funds and [...]

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Hedge Fund Fees are Changing

May 24, 2010

A recent study by Preqin reveals that hedge fund fees no longer fit with the “2 and 20” standard. They found that average management fee (for single manager funds) is 1.65 percent and the average performance fee is now below 19%. Times have changed and, when starting a hedge fund, managers are setting fee structures [...]

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Secondary Market for Hedge Funds

May 4, 2010

How do investors get access to the most sought after hedge fund managers? The answer is the secondary market. One firm, Hedgebay, provides the “gateway to the secondary market” for hedge funds. The firm matches sophisticated buyers and sellers of hedge fund interests and other illiquid alternative investment assets. Who is participating the secondary market? [...]

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