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Monitoring Hedge Fund Rules – a Critical Element for Successful Managers

November 22, 2012

The headline-grabbing scandals of the past decade have transformed the hedge fund industry and given rise to an emphasis on compliance. For new hedge fund managers the challenge is to become familiar with and constantly monitor the rules and regulatory proposals coming out of myriad agencies here and abroad that are ever increasing their oversight [...]

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The Compliance Responsibilities of a New Fund Manager

October 30, 2012

Starting a new hedge fund is an all-consuming enterprise, even for seasoned hedge fund managers who’ve been through the start-up process previously. In every direction there are time-critical issues that must be attended to, ranging from hedge fund marketing to get the endeavor off the ground to creating infrastructure, such as IT, staffing, organizing ongoing [...]

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Hedge Fund Technology Behind the Trade

March 7, 2012

You could run a hedge fund from your laptop. The way things are going, you’ll probably be able to run one from your phone soon. But it’ll be a long time before that becomes a good idea. The main thing investors are concerned about is returns. Still, assuming that there are others in your niche [...]

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Massachusetts Goes the Direct Route with Hedge Funds

October 17, 2011

The state of Massachusetts has decided to make direct investments with 11 of the world’s biggest and best-known hedge fund managers, rather than going the fund-of-funds route. Trustees for the state’s $46 billion pension fund have voted to allocate $280 million in this new group of investments according to Reuters. The state’s treasurer says the [...]

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Will Compliance Force Other Hedge Fund Managers to Go Private?

August 1, 2011

This past week, billionaire George Soros announced that he would be returning roughly $1 billion to investors and ending his career as a hedge fund manager for outside investors. Instead, Soros and his two sons, Robert and Jonathan, have decided to convert the firm into a family office to manage roughly $25 billion in family [...]

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Offshore Hedge Funds Finding Alternatives to UCITs

June 13, 2011

Hedge fund managers will continue to create clones of their offshore funds in EU-domiciled locations, but more managers are finding alternatives to the UCITs framework. That’s the conclusion of a recent survey released by RBC Dexia and KPMG. In addition to UCITs, Ireland offers a range of non-UCIT regulated funds that provide greater flexibility for [...]

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Check-in Time for Hedge Fund Hotels?

April 20, 2011

The demise of hedge fund hotels never happened. Years after UBS got caught by Massachusetts regulators steering its tenants none-too-subtly toward its trading operations, dozens if not hundreds of business centers around the world continue catering to managers engaged in starting a hedge fund. The hoteliers have learned their lessons, none more so than Mark [...]

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New Hedge Fund Compliance Guideliness

April 18, 2011

Global Investment Performance Standards or “GIPS” is a set of compliance guidelines published by the CFA Institute that governs things like performance, AUM and NAV reporting by asset managers.  But many hedge fund managers say that GIPS falls short on adequately addressing the issues faced by hedge funds, according to a recent article in AllAboutAlpha. [...]

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Hedge Funds Forced to Tighten Compliance

March 14, 2011

The arrest and trial of Galleon Group co-founder Raj Rajaratnam has pushed hedge funds to take a new and serious look at their compliance practices, reports Reuters. Firms such as Paulson & Co and Millennium Management have reportedly spent millions to hire former regulators as advisers. Firms are also taking a more serious look at [...]

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Success Brings Compliance Headaches for Small Hedge Funds

January 24, 2011

Even the “guppies” of the hedge fund industry may face compliance headaches and stifling expenses when new regulatory oversight goes into effect this July. So says Frank LaGrange Johnson, who runs LaGrange Capital Partners out of New York. With total assets for his funds now around $150 million, Johnson will have to register with the [...]

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