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Hedge Fund Technology Outsourcing Options Abound

March 16, 2011

Hedge funds rely on a myriad of technology systems to maintain smooth operations, however, not all hedge fund technology components need to be managed and maintained in-house by a firm.  Outsourcing various components to an expert IT services firm provides numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, scale and cost savings.  That said, there are some [...]

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Getting Your Money’s Worth from Hedge Fund Attorneys

March 2, 2011

Let’s be clear about what you’re getting from when you hire a hedge fund attorney: somebody to write your offering memo. Other miscellaneous legal matters always come up, but that’s basically it. It’s boilerplate stuff. Lawyers “play a somewhat lesser role than some of the other key service providers in the success of the hedge [...]

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Why Hedge Funds Should Focus More on Marketing Communications

February 7, 2011

Reuters recently published excerpts from the keynote address at IMI’s 4th Annual Alternative Investment Consultants Summit, held Jan. 27th in Greenwich, Ct. The keynote speaker was Bruce Frumerman, CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., a hedge fund marketing communications consultancy. Frumerman highlighted the positive turnaround in the hedge fund industry since 2009. Nearly a thousand [...]

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When Hedge Fund Research Corrupts

January 31, 2011

The current investigation into insider trading by so-called expert network firms who provide hedge fund research has revealed just how tempting it is for mid-level managers at targeted companies to cross the line. According to a story from Reuters, mid-level executives who sometimes make fairly modest salaries from their tech company jobs can earn anywhere [...]

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How to Assemble Your Hedge Fund Team

January 27, 2011

Starting a hedge fund is the ultimate small business launch: low barriers to entry, loose regulation and, if you know what you’re doing, transcendent profitability. But, like any other entrepreneur, the fledgling hedge fund manager needs to understand how and when to bring in the pros. Everybody has skill gaps. Nobody can be in two [...]

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Institutional Investors Set to Pour More Capital into Hedge Funds

August 31, 2010

The hedge fund industry has been through a time of great change since the market crisis and the institutional sector has become increasingly important to the industry since this time. In August 2010, Preqin released the findings of its latest institutional investor survey. Preqin probed 50 institutional investors on their hedge fund plans for the [...]

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Secondary Market for Hedge Funds

May 4, 2010

How do investors get access to the most sought after hedge fund managers? The answer is the secondary market. One firm, Hedgebay, provides the “gateway to the secondary market” for hedge funds. The firm matches sophisticated buyers and sellers of hedge fund interests and other illiquid alternative investment assets. Who is participating the secondary market? [...]

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