Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet

We have published the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet ™ since 2002. We put together this document about the hedge fund industry as a quick reference tool.

This document works well both in the classroom and in quickly educating people on the basics of hedge funds. The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet is a learning tool that can move you up the learning curve, fast.

The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet is a downloadable PDF document that describes the basics of the hedge fund business. Topics covered include:

  • What is a hedge fund?
  • Why do people invest in them?
  • Hedge funds vs. mutual funds
  • What is hedge fund due diligence?
  • Hedge fund styles (equity long/short, etc.)
  • What fees do hedge funds charge?
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative due diligence
  • Hedge fund transparency issues
  • The role of the prime broker
  • Offshore vs. onshore funds
  • The hedge “fund of funds”

The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet sells for $19.00 USD or you can get it for personal use for free by signing up for HFMA email updates simply by completing the information in the upper right box on this page.

If you are using the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet for commercial purposes, we ask that you purchase the file and limit the number of copies to three.

If you need many copies, please Contact Us for bulk pricing.

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