When a hedge fund customer relationship management (CRM) solution is implemented, it becomes the first repository of data and information related to leads, prospecting and marketing. This makes the hedge fund CRM application the ideal driver for improving the effectiveness of investor sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing automation software integrates closely with CRM software to help funds manage campaign and lead management needs. It brings together core marketing capabilities such as lead generation, segmentation, automated emailing, time scheduled communication, and action triggers (such as download/read notifications), all at one convenient place.

The adoption of hedge fund CRM and marketing automation solutions can bring significant benefits to companies operating in the fund management market. Where can they help you?

Building Deep and Strong Client Relationships

The first step towards improving investor satisfaction is to have a deep knowledge of your their needs. CRM solutions help deepen the strength of connect with investors in many ways.

By providing current data for key details such as contacts, contact numbers, emails, fax numbers and addresses, CRM solutions certainly improve the quality of investor contact data. Given the amount of data that needs to be stored on prospective hedge fund investors, this benefit cannot be overstated.

The quality of conversations with prospects and the level of knowledge of investment goals go up stratospherically when you have the complete communication history in one place.

Think about it, an investor who holds a large portfolio of alternative investments is on the phone with your representative, who can pull up the entire history of conversations to date and bring all that knowledge into the current call. Simply put, leveraging that information can help move the deal forward.

Learning from Prospects Who Invested

In order to improve sales and marketing effectiveness, it is critical to look at data related to prospects who invested in your hedge fund (and those who did not).

The CRM application can provide detailed information starting from the exact date when initial communication with the prospect started, the channel by which happened, and the representative who handled the communication through the entire chain of subsequent actions that happened for this prospect. With this data at hand, it is easy to pull up charts and analytics that can help compare the cases of prospects who invested.

Enabling Regulatory Compliance

With extensive compliance and fund related reporting requirements, a hedge fund CRM system may no longer be optional any more even for smaller fund managers. The array of regulations from FINRA, SEC, the Fed, FDIC, and other regulatory bodies is immense, with rules governing various aspects from fair selling, sales commissions to the activities of broker-dealers.

With accurate data and extensive reporting capabilities, CRM solutions can ease your efforts related to regulatory reporting and compliance, and also provide strong evidence to handle situations where violations have been reported.

Improving Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing automation software bundled with CRM solutions come ready-made to improve many of your marketing related functions. Take the case where a group of prospects have attended a your presentation on hedge fund strategies.

After 3 days, you wish to send an email to this group asking for session feedback and providing a download link to a relevant investment information. After processing the responses, you wish to generate a list of prospects who downloaded the information. Ten days later, you want to send individual emails to the prospects who completed the download process, so you can confirm they are an accredited investor before you provide your pitch.

Marketing automation software bundled with CRM has the capability for setting up automatic email sending and time-scheduled communications which would help you breeze through this process.  Apart from download and read notifications, marketing automation also supports advanced action triggers such as email reopened, which can help pursue prospects with higher hit rates.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of CRM for hedge funds, we invite you to watch our training video on the Basics of Hedge Fund Marketing.

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