Hedge Fund Databases

The quality of the hedge fund databases you use can make a big difference in the success of your investment or business marketing.

The hedge fund due diligence process often begins by screening hedge fund databases.  A growing number of organizations collect data on hedge funds. Here are various hedge fund databases categorized by their target audience:

Databases for Hedge Fund Research and Marketing to Hedge Funds

Now investors can streamline the due diligence process and avoid costly mistakes. With this database, you can filter any combination fields to compile a selection compatible with your objectives. It facilitates in-depth style and sector analysis, portfolio optimization and stress testing. The database also describes underlying holdings, portfolio allocations, fees, investment minimums, historic monthly performance and assets, objectives, and contact information. Also a great resource for researchers who need benchmarking results quickly.

HedgeFundDirectories.net Gain access to one of the largest global hedge fund directories dedicated to the Hedge Fund industry; with over 3,000 management companies encompassing upwards of 40,000 unique hedge fund and fund of funds contacts. HFD is dedicated to intelligently sourcing contacts within the hedge fund industry.  HFD is unique in that it was developed primarily for marketing and sales.

Standard and Poor’s – The Hedge Fund Evaluator incorporates Standard & Poor’s securitization criteria for modeling performance, and allows users to more quickly and easily develop their own securitization scenarios. Uses a Monte Carlo simulation to forecast the performance of a hedge fund portfolio by identifying a public index with a high correlation to the portfolio under analysis, and projects potential performance.

EuroHedge Database – an extensive database of European single-manager funds. Contact details of funds are listed, many of which include full performance data. You can create your own ‘watch list’ of funds in a bespoke portfolio, by adding individual funds or entire lists.  Data is download-able.


Hedge Fund Databases for Marketing to Investors and Raising Capital

Whitehall Financial Data (Brighton House) – provides the most comprehensive and current contact database for emerging managers with over 16,000 institutional and private investor contacts and 5,500 active investment mandates detailing the investors’ current interests within the alternatives arena.  WFD products also include two must-reads for new managers embarking on a marketing campaign, The Fund Manager’s Marketing Manifesto and The Inside Edge:  Investor Perspectives on Emerging Hedge Fund Managers.

Preqin – institutional investor database holds details for 2,500 investors in hedge funds and includes search functions enabling hedge fund managers and marketing professionals to discover which investors are most likely to find their hedge funds of interest.

Investor Source – Investor Source simplifies the hunt for potential investors by providing essential intelligence in a searchable online application. With over 1,800 institutional investors and 1,000 fund of hedge funds fully profiled, finding investors for your fund is made easier.


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Disclosure: We are happy to recommend the trusted data sources above and some of the links may include affiliate links.

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