Hedge Fund Lists

Hedge fund lists are very helpful when assembly a fund of funds investment option or, if you are a service provider, developing a list of hedge funds to which you can sell your product, services or technology.

Databases for Marketing to Hedge Funds and Creating a Fund of Funds

Directory of Fund of Hedge Funds – Directory covers funds of funds (FoHFs). Delivered as an electronic PDF file, subscribers can access more than 3,200 pages of information on more than 1,550 funds. Detailed two-page fact sheets on each fund contain essential quantitative and qualitative information.

Fund of Funds Database – the Fund of Funds Database a complete and economical download-able database specific to global funds of hedge funds and their managers. It is designed to assist successful investors and money managers in keeping abreast of an evolving market.

Single Manager Hedge Fund Database – a comprehensive and up-to-date download-able database specific to single manager hedge funds. Database includes fields not available in competing products.

SkyRank Database – automates analysis of hedge funds in a single functional computation.  It analyzes the hedge fund industry to reward hedge funds that are established, credible and consistent performers, demonstrated by their ability to exploit market inefficiencies.

Global Hedge Fund Database – the largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date download-able database specific to modern alternative investments; data on Funds, FoHFs, and CTAs all in one database. Facilitates in-depth style and sector analysis, portfolio optimization and stress testing.

Managed Futures (CTA) Database – the largest, most comprehensive, and most up-to-date source for managed futures data for over 20 years. With the click of a mouse, you can research, evaluate, and contact futures managers located in global trading centers around the world.

Alternative Investment Manager Contact Data – For Those Who Market to Hedge Funds. If you’re serious about promoting your products and services to managers of CTAs, hedge funds and funds of funds, the Contact Database is your cost-effective gateway to the strategies, assets, offices and inboxes of the industry’s elite.

Looking for contacts using an investor database?

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