As a fund moves from “family and friends” to raising capital from foundations, family offices and institutional investors, the hedge fund marketing strategy gets more advanced. And, in the early going, most of the team is contributing to the hedge fund marketing efforts.

Emerging hedge funds want experienced marketers who can effectively raise capital and contribute to the fund’s growth strategy.

These young funds have a lot of risk and hesitate to move forward with fixed costs, such as high salary positions. You will need to deliver and count on a good portion of your compensation coming from a performance incentive.

Expectations in Hedge Fund Marketing Jobs

If you are looking for a marketing job, you will need to prove that you can hit the ground running, which means you have a track record of successfully raising capital and doing so in a similar market.

So, in addition to your own database of investors, you will need to refer to examples that demonstrate your ability to “close the deal” when it come to raising capital; investor commitments alone will not cut it. Have a list of references ready that can speak to your abilities on this front.

If the investment types you’ve marketed before don’t match the hiring firm’s strategies, the firm views this as a risk. Maybe you’ve been successful in raising capital but that does not guarantee you will be as successful marketing investments in the new firm’s sweet spot. Look for similarities and be up front about the differences between the new role and your track record.

How Do People Get Hired in Hedge Fund Jobs?

We often see definitive statements such as, “funds don’t use recruiters” or “90 percent of hedge fund jobs are filled within the manager’s network” — these statements simply are not true. Why would a fund manager limit himself to a reduced talent pool, especially in this market?

Take a look at how marketers in the Hedge Fund Compensation Report responded to the question, “How did you find your most recent hedge fund job?”

Hedge Fund Jobs

If you are looking for a hedge fund marketing job, of course you should leverage your personal network. But you should also use your school’s alumni resources, a couple of trusted executive recruiters and job boards that focus on hedge fund jobs.

By leveraging all the resources available to you, you greatly increase the odds of finding a hedge fund marketing job worth pursuing.

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