Hedge Fund Resources

Here you will find a useful list of hedge fund resources including some basic information for those beginning their hedge fund education, organizations and associations, hedge fund publications and news sources, indexes and research tools.

Hedge Fund Basics

Professional Resume Writers – One of the best resume writing services available because they provide professional resumes and allow clients to select from a list of vetted resume writers based in the US.

Hedge Fund Glossary – A list of the most common hedge fund terms explained in plain language for those new to the industry.

Hedge Fund Jobs Database – Hedge Fund Jobs Digest maintains a database of current hedge fund job opportunities. Every day their team researches all the online job boards, both the large and the small, and filters the opportunities to provide only the most relevant hedge fund job postings in a single database for you. In addition, they have exclusive job opportunities posted directly by fund managers and hedge fund recruiters. They even send you a daily email with the latest job postings.

SEC Overview of Hedge Fund Industry – The SEC provides information on what is a hedge fund, who can invest, registration of funds, and what information to look for when evaluating a fund.

Hedge Fund Definition – a site dedicated to educating beginners about the basics of hedge funds. Includes detailed information on strategies, management fees, hedge fund jobs, and industry history.

Executive Resume Writing – When you are looking to make a hedge fund career change, you will want to put your best foot forward and that mean a professional brand. This executive resume writing service will provide you with the personal branding document you need (resume and cover letter) plus they will help you get discovered on LinkedIn by creating an optimized profile.

Hedge Fund Compensation Report – An affordable and complete benchmark for hedge fund compensation practices. This report is resource that is a comprehensive and accurate measure of how pay practices are changing in the industry. For both individuals negotiating their personal compensation package and firms looking to set pay standards.


100 Women in Hedge Funds – 100WHF a non-profit organization for women professionals in the alternative investment industry. Established in 2001, they focus on investment practices and allocation processes. They aim to make a difference with unique educational programming, professional leverage initiatives and philanthropy.

Asia Hedge Fund Association – The Hedge Fund Association Asia (AHFA) is an association with a not-for-profit mandate and is the Asia chapter of the Hedge Fund Association. The association has over 700 members are based in Asia.

Alternative Investment Management Association – AIMA is a global, not-for-profit trade association. Members include hedge fund managers, fund of hedge funds, prime brokers, and hedge fund service providers. AIMA is active in policy development and industry initiatives, including education and sound practice manuals.

Chicago Quantitative Alliance – CQA is a professional organization focused on quantitative investment analysts. The goal of the group is to facilitate ideas between “quant” professionals.  The CQA sponsors major events annually – and not just in Chicago.

Connecticut Hedge Fund Association – Given Connecticut has many of the largest hedge funds and alternative investment management firms, the CHFA is an important organization. As they state on their website, “Connecticut is arguably the ‘hedge fund capital of the world.’”

Emerging Markets Group – Part of Cass Business School, City University London, EMG engages in academic research in the areas of Foreign Exchange and Financial markets with particular reference to emerging economies

Hedge Fund Association – The Hedge Fund Association (HFA) is a not-for-profit international group of industry professionals. The HFA advocates for the industry by giving voice to the issues affecting the industry through the education of investors, the media, regulators and legislators.

Investment Management Consultants Association – IMCA was established in 1985 for those with an interest in wealth management, investment consulting, financial planning, and the latest trends in investments. It aims to be an ethical group focused on investment strategies that maximize wealth potential,  and provide access to a comprehensive investment knowledge base and networking opportunities.

Managed Funds Association – MFA is a source of information for policy makers and a leading advocate for sound hedge fund business practices. Members are professionals in hedge funds, funds of funds and managed futures funds, as well as industry service providers.

Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association – Promotes industry understanding among fund managers, investors, service providers and academics in the mid-Atlantic U.S. region. Started in 2002 as a non-profit corporation, they providea professional arena for dialogue among members through educational programs, seminars, and regional networking events.

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission – The CFTC is an independent agency of the United States government that prohibits fraudulent conduct in the trading of futures contracts.

Texas Hedge Fund Association –  The THFA promotes the understanding of the hedge fund industry with its regional members from the investment community and development of industry standards. The THFA members (hedge fund managers and investment advisers, high net worth investors, institutional investors and service providers) represent the hedge fund industry both in the state of Texas and in surrounding areas.

Third Party Marketers Association – 3PM was formed to maintain a standard of excellence in the third party marketing industry and to share ideas with member firms. They also guide investment managers in understanding the role of independent marketers as capital raising partners. The average firm is small in terms of number of people, yet employ investment management marketing executives with more than ten years of experience.

Hedge Fund Publications

Absolute Return + Alpha – created by the merger of two Euromoney Institutional Investor titles, is a solid resource of data and rankings in the hedge fund industry. Although this publication focus on American hedge funds, it follows the global hedge fund industry.

The Journal of Alternative Investments – The purpose of JAI is provide a method for both academics and practictioners to offer their insights on the alternative investment industry and the markets in which they trade. Specific journals cover portfolio management, fixed income, alternative investments, derivatives, private equity and others.

Hedge Fund Alert – This publication is focused on delivering to investors, service providers and fund managers early intelligence to anticipate risks and new investment opportunities. They offer a free trial of their newsletter to new subscribers.

Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet – Originally published by the Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance in 2002, the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet ™ has been updated to better reflect today’s investment environment. This quick reference tool works well to educate people on the basics of hedge funds. A learning tool that quickly move someone up the hedge fund learning curve.

HedgeFund Intelligence – One of the largest providers of hedge fund news and data with both editorial and research teams. First publishing in 1998, they have a loyal readership to both their newsletters and hedge fund data products via a private subscribers area online. Some online content is available to the public as well.

HedgeFundNews.com – Based on the more than 20 years of hedge fund investment, publishing and capital raising experience of Antoine Bernheim, President of Dome Capital Management, Inc.. The site provides hedge fund articles and industry interviews with some of the hedge fund industries top managers (including an interview with John Paulson).

Hedge Funds Review – One of the industries oldest publications, it provides timely information for hedge fund managers, investors and service providers. It provides in-depth news and analysis, trends and developments, insightful features and hedge fund industry statistics. The UK based publication is offered on a paid subscription basis and offers a free trial subscription.

Hedge Week – Published by Global Fund Media Ltd., Hedge Week is an online newsletter serving hedge funds and institutional investors. They provide a free newsletter and an extensive library of special reports on the hedge fund industry.

Investors Offshore – An alternative investment guide for expatriates. If you can look past all the ads on the site, there is some good content here. Of particular interest is their Offshore and Alternative Investment Knowledge Base of articles.

Risk.net – Published by Incisive Media, this site focus on financial risk management news and analysis. Special areas of interest include Asia, energy, credit, life and pension, and structured products. A free trial is available.

SEC News Digest – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s digest of news and Commission actions, including proceedings, filings, upcoming meetings and policy statements.

Sound Practices for Hedge Fund Managers – Produced by the Managed Funds Association, which is an originator of industry best practices. Originally published in 2000, this guide provides a principles-based approach to strengthening hedge fund business practices.

Hedge Fund Indexes

Market indices have long been accepted in the conventional investment world, but continue to develop in the hedge fund world. Hedge fund strategies are so diverse that the development of a generally accepted hedge fund index is difficult.  Here is a list of the most well known hedge fund indexes.

Hedge Fund Research

Many hedge fund research sources are available today and can be of great help to the both the investor completing due diligence as well as the hedge fund managers. Some resources include directories, online databases, and hedge fund research studies from academia.

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