Hedge Fund Attorney

You will need a hedge fund attorney to write your offering memo and address other legal matters that need to be covered when starting a hedge fund.

Once your offering memo and other legal documents are filed, you will find that the role of your hedge fund lawyers is diminished but make sure initially you have an attorney whose expectations are aligned with yours, in terms of services and fees.

Consider your investors expectations as well. Hire a large firm if your institutional investors require it but don’t spend that money if you don’t have to. Some specialized strategies would require a special type of attorney. You don’t want to be training an attorney on how your strategy works and the legal implications. Pick one that is a good fit for your strategy — that is, he/she has experience in your are of specialization.

For more information on this, check out our articles on starting a hedge fund.

Looking for a Hedge Fund Attorney?

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Contact: Hannah Terhune, Managing Partner

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