Hedge Fund Technology

Hedge fund technology is an integral part of operations and an important part to the start up hedge fund’s long term success.

Finding a hedge fund technology partner that understands the specifics of what infrastructure is required to run a fund is the critical. They can help you map out your specific needs based on your fund’s particular situation, this is knows as the requirements definition phase. Once requirements are defined, the right partner can then recommend a solution, which often comes from several different vendors.

A hedge fund’s technology environment includes infrastructure, security, high speed internet access, voice systems, back up and restore systems, and data redundancy.

Looking for a Hedge Fund Technology Provider?

Eze Castle Integration a one of the leading providers of hedge fund technology and consulting services. They offer a range of IT solutions from a bundled all-inclusive IT service, Eze Virtual Office, to traditional in-house technology build-out support and management. They understand start up hedge funds and can guide you through the process.

Precision IT, founded in 2004, has transformed the IT consulting services model, so that small to mid-sized business can enjoy the same types of IT services that large organizations have thrived on. With a commitment to raising the standards of IT consulting services, Precision IT has become one of the leading fixed-cost managed IT service providers in the Northeast Region.


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