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Third Party Marketing

Preparing for Your First Cap Intro

March 4, 2014

What if you throw a hedge fund party and nobody comes? Maybe you’ve found a niche strategy nobody has thought of yet. Maybe you’ve built a financial model that looks like the Goldman Sachs’s income statement. You’ve got commitments from reputable third parties to handle all your back-office affairs. You lack only one thing: experience. Before [...]

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Hedge Fund Marketing and Prime Brokers

December 20, 2010

Until recently, hedge funds that lacked the resources to hire their own marketing teams often relied on small, independent third-party hedge fund marketing companies to introduce them to big investors. But that’s changing rapidly, according to a recent article in Investment & Pensions Europe. In the last few years, large prime brokers are muscling into [...]

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Hedge Fund Marketing for Small Funds

November 9, 2010

Here is an interview with Alex Bentley, a partner at Coronado Investments, LLC, a third party marketer. He shares his thoughts on the importance of third party marketing and provides some hedge fund marketing insights for smaller firms. HFMA: It’s a tough time for raising funds, especially for new funds and smaller funds.  What steps [...]

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Changes in Third Party Marketing – Chip Perkins Interview

September 23, 2010

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Chip Perkins, Founder of Perkins Fund Marketing, a third party marketing services firm. He provided some perspective on how third party marketers are adding value in an industry that has changed significantly in the past couple years. HFMA: Third party marketers have been described as independent sales [...]

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