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Starting a Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund Technology Behind the Trade

March 7, 2012

You could run a hedge fund from your laptop. The way things are going, you’ll probably be able to run one from your phone soon. But it’ll be a long time before that becomes a good idea. The main thing investors are concerned about is returns. Still, assuming that there are others in your niche [...]

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Could 2012 Be a Better Year for Hedge Fund Startups?

January 9, 2012

During the financial crisis, investors flocked to the safe haven of big, well-established hedge funds. But the lackluster returns of some of these funds may have tempered the notion that bigger is better. Smaller funds and hedge fund start-ups offer a healthy premium to investors brave enough to take the leap, says Jeroen Tielman, CEO [...]

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Could Bridgewater Be Marketing to Family Wealth?

December 19, 2011

Could Ray Dalio’s Westport-based Bridgewater Associates be going after family wealth with his new All Weather Portfolio III fund? That’s the question raised in a Connecticut Post article recently. It’s a result of Bridgewater listing a bargain buy-in price of $100,000 in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing this past week. Some industry insiders [...]

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Are Hedge Fund Managers Born or Made?

December 15, 2011

Nature versus nurture? The argument is as old as Sigmund Freud’s first couch and might never be resolved. Still, the question remains for every field of endeavor, hedge fund management included: Do you need to be born with something special to do this well, or can anyone be trained to do this? A recent blog [...]

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Why List with Hedge Fund Databases?

December 7, 2011

An earlier article on this site explained how you can use databases for marketing your hedge fund to investors who might be interested in your investment strategy. But capital introduction is a two-way street, so it’s just as important that you make it easy for investors to find you. There are two kinds of hedge [...]

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Goldman Seeding Hedge Fund Startups

December 5, 2011

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is turning to the less risky business of providing capital for those who want to start their own hedge funds, reports the Wall Street Journal. Goldman has raised roughly $600 million from pension funds, wealthy families and large institutions to invest in 10 new hedge funds. Each hedge fund startup is [...]

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Choosing a Cap Intro Hedge Fund Database

November 30, 2011

As you go about starting a hedge fund, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is how you intend to go about the process of capital introduction, and one of the first things you’ll realize is that there’s no such thing as enough resources to dedicate to it. Marketing a hedge fund to [...]

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Hedge Fund Startups Bolstered by Funds of Funds

November 28, 2011

Investor appetite is growing for a new generation of smaller, more nimble hedge fund startups that may be able to deliver outsized returns. And many of these new funds, such as Edoma Partners, set up by former Goldman employees, have been oversubscribed within months of opening, reports the Financial Times. It’s a risky play, but [...]

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Asian Hedge Funds Target the Ultra-Affluent

November 21, 2011

Asian hedge fund startups and smaller funds with less than $100 million in assets are turning to millionaires and family offices to grow their business. The move comes as large institutional investors continue to favor similarly large, established hedge funds, reports Bloomberg. Thus, the next best source for capital is these ultra-affluent private investors. “It [...]

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Citi Introduces New Technology for Hedge Fund Launches

November 14, 2011

Citi Group has introduced a new operating model to help managers launch, manage and build successful hedge funds without making a huge investment in hedge fund technology and non-core functions. Dubbed Citi Prime Finance Hedge Fund 3.0, the outsourcing and partnership framework is designed to help managers achieve greater efficiency across their support functions and [...]

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