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Hedge Fund Outsourcing is Expanding

August 8, 2011

Many hedge funds are now turning to outsourcing for more mission-critical aspects of their business, rather than simply as a way to offload non-essential tasks. That’s the view of Alberto Corvo, a managing principal of the financial services division at eClerx Services Limited, a capital markets and investment management consulting and outsourcing company. Corvo recently [...]

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Quant Hedge Funds Seek a Technology Edge

April 25, 2011

Residents may have noticed the deep trenches being dug along Upper Thames Street recently, near the City, the financial center of London. But the trenchers weren’t for gas, water or electrical cables. Instead, one of London’s top hedge funds, the Man Group, was intent on adding to their bandwidth in an attempt to get even [...]

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Hedge Fund Technology Moves to the Clouds

March 30, 2011

Cloud computing is attracting a lot of attention these days based on the operational, efficiency and cost-saving benefits these services can provide.  Rather than purchasing costly equipment, cloud services allowing fund managers to outsource hedge fund technology infrastructure or applications to a third-party who manages and maintains everything.  Cloud services also allow firms to only [...]

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Hedge Fund Technology Outsourcing Options Abound

March 16, 2011

Hedge funds rely on a myriad of technology systems to maintain smooth operations, however, not all hedge fund technology components need to be managed and maintained in-house by a firm.  Outsourcing various components to an expert IT services firm provides numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, scale and cost savings.  That said, there are some [...]

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Hedge Fund Technology for a Start Up Fund

March 9, 2011

Hedge fund technology is an integral part of operations and something that must not be overlooked during the launch process. It is important that a hedge fund manager define the firm’s needs and then map and budget technology accordingly. One area of caution when it comes to technology is looking for the “perfect” solution, as [...]

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Hedge Fund Directories – Interview with Jerry Chrisphonte – Part One

August 3, 2010

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry Chrisphonte, CEO of Hedge, to talk about the hedge fund marketing and hedge fund directories.  He provides some solid insight for investment marketers. Here is an excerpt from part one of that interview. HFMA:  Before we start talking about the industry, maybe you could just give [...]

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