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As a hedge fund investor, you know that identifying quality funds and, more importantly, fund managers with the highest integrity is a difficult endeavor.

Although Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance does not provide investment advice, this site does describe some resources that you may find helpful in your due diligence effort. Keep in mind that many of these sites require investors to be accredited in order to access full information about funds.

Here is a list of helpful resources:


Standard and Poor’s – The Hedge Fund Evaluator incorporates Standard & Poor’s securitization criteria for modeling performance, and allows users to more quickly and easily develop their own securitization scenarios. Uses a Monte Carlo simulation to forecast the performance of a hedge fund portfolio by identifying a public index with a high correlation to the portfolio under analysis, and projects potential performance.

SkyRank Database – automates analysis of hedge funds in a single functional computation.  It analyzes the hedge fund industry to reward hedge funds that are established, credible and consistent performers, demonstrated by their ability to exploit market inefficiencies.

EuroHedge Database – an extensive database of European single-manager hedge funds. Contact details of funds are listed, many of which include full performance data. You can create your own ‘watch list’ of funds in a bespoke portfolio, by adding individual funds or entire lists.  Data is download-able.

You might also consider looking into hedge fund events

Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet

A quick reference for all things hedge funds. This document works for quickly educating people on the basics of hedge funds – tool to quickly move you up the learning curve. The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet is a PDF file that can be purchased (or you can get it free by subscribing to our email updates).

Disclosure: We are happy to recommend the trusted data sources above and some of the links may include affiliate links.

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