For Marketers and Hedge Fund Managers

Hedge fund marketing has become more difficult in this environment of heightened regulation.

As an alternative asset marketer you know that creating an effective process for identifying investors and pitching yourself and the investment opportunity in your fund is critical to building your business.

Whether you are a fund manager or a third party marketer, Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance provides resources to help guide you.

Here is a list of available resources for hedge fund marketers:

Investor Databases

Preqin – An institutional investor database with current contact information for thousands of investors in hedge funds. This service provides comprehensive search functionality, enabling fund managers and marketing professionals to quickly discover which investors are best qualified for their particular hedge fund.

Investor Source – A database that simplifies the hunt for potential investors. This service provides essential information on investors in an online application. With over one thousand institutional investors and fund of hedge funds profiled in detail, it makes locating potential investors for your hedge fund much easier.

Brighton House – BHA maintains a large database of investors and is comprehensive in the information it provides. If you are looking for a solid alternative investor database, you should consider checking out their offering.

If you are putting together a fund of funds, you might also consider looking into hedge fund databases


Hedge Fund Events – Events include investment conferences, networking events, and compliance education conferences. Often these events are sponsored by conference companies, third party marketers, accounting firms, technology providers, and legal firms who specialize in hedge fund compliance.

Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet

A tool for educating people on the basics of hedge funds. Get up the learning curve quickly with this downloadable document. The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet is a PDF file that can be purchased or you can get it free by subscribing to the Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance email updates.

Disclosure: We are happy to recommend the trusted data sources above and some of the links may include affiliate links.

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